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Energy Performance Certificate Home

The European Union Directive 2002/91/EC demands strict requirements regarding energy usage in buildings, such as the mandatory Energy Performance Certificate, which will be required in practice every time dwellings and buildings are sold or rented. The certificate must also be issued when a new building has been constructed. The Directive has been translated into the spanish regulation by the Royal Decree 47/2007, which came into force on April 31, 2007.
The Royal Decree 47/2007 applies to all new dwellings in Spain. It also applies to buildings beyond 1000 m2 which have been submitted to an important renovation. From October 31, 2007, building projects must include an energy performance study of the dwellings. Once the promoter has got the building license and the construction of the building has been carried out, the real energy performance of the dwellings must be assesed by an expert. An energy performance certificate will sum up the energy use of the dwellings, and will be handed over to buyers. In this way, buyers and users will get an energy performance certificate of their new dwellings.
Enginytech engineering assesses the energy performance of new buildings, either in the design phase, or when they have already been built; so that the promoter may hand over the certificate to new buyers. This certificate is specific for every dwelling. A performance label will describe the energy performance of the dwelling, and will assign the exact "Kind of Energy Performance". In this way, A label will design those buildings with the best energy performance, whereas G label will design the buildings with the poorest energy performance.