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Smoking Regulation : On 1 january 2006, the new smoking regulation came into force. According to this law, owners of bars and restaurants are bound to set up smoking areas inside their premises, if they are bigger than 100 square metres. The owners of premises smaller than 100 square metres may either allow their customers smoke in their premises, or not. Our engineering office will advise you on any question, so that you can get your premises up to date. If you need to renovate your premises to fulfil with the smoking regulation, just contact us. We will try to find the better solution for your premises. In the same way, if you would like to open a new bar or restaurant, our engineering office will advise you on all those aspects which most worries you.

Consultancy for businessmen: If you need advise to make up your mind to buy a premises or to rent it, we will try to help you figuring out whether the local planning regulations allow you to set up the business you want in the premises. It is important to check whether the local planning regulations allow you to set up your business before you make up your mind. If it turns out that once we have consulted the local planning regulations, the location of the premises is not appropriate, we may help you to find another better location.
Specialist's reports : If you need a technical report on noise caused by neighbouring activities, such as pubs where music is often played at all hours of the night, we may study the problem and design a solution and a technical report in case you want to make a complaint and submit it to the city council.
Processing Licenses: Our engineers have a thorough experience in submitting and achieving all kind of local licenses (such as building permissions, environmental licenses, etc). If you would like to open your own buisiness, Enginytech may design the technical report an the technical project, and they will advise you on how to submit all the documents properly. And, if you do not want to spend your time submitting by yourself, we may do it on your behalf.

Technical enquiries : If you are worried about the security of the installations of your premises, or if you would like to renovate them, we may inspect them and advise you.
If staying at home you feel uneasy because of upsetting noise from neighbouring premises, me may study the problem and recommend you what to do. We may assess the level of the soud coming from the premises. Once we have estimated this value, we may prepare a technical report for you. If the value reached is higher than the maximum allowed by the regulations, you may submbit a complaint to the city council.