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Environmental Projects Home

Environmental Communication: The Environmental Communication is the permission you need to open your small shop or your office. It is granted by the City Council, once the technical information has been submitted by the applicant. Our engineering office may apply for your environmental comunication permission, submitting all the technical documents required, such as the techical report, which must justify that your premises fulfils all the local regulations.Once the technical report has been submitted to the City Council, you will be allowed to open your premises in one month, as long as there is no any further requirements from the City Council, nor amendments to make.

Environmental Local Permission: The environmental law for economic activities (Llei de la Intervenció Integral de l'Administració Ambiental) states the procedure to open premises such as bars, coffee shops, small assembly shops or cottage industries. Our engineering office may design the project for your premises, the technical report and the contour maps.
Environmental License and Environmental Authorisation: The Environmental License and the Environmental Authorisation are the necessary permissions to set up medium size industries, heavy ones and actually, all those economic activities which may affect the environment in any way. Our engineering office may apply for your permission, submitting to the City Council all the technical documents, such as technical reports and contour maps of your premises.
Assessment of the impact upon the environment: This is the procedure you have to follow to keep up your industry with the new environmental and local regulations. Our engineers will assess the impact of your industry, and then they will advise you on the improvements you could introduce to fulfil the regulations. Once we have designed the strategy, we may apply for the new license, submitting the technical report and the rest of the technical information to the City Council.