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Environmental Authorisation, License and Declaration Home

Act 20/2009: Prevention and environmental control of activities: This law establishes the procedure to set up in Catalonia any activity which can affect the environment. The aim of the law is to reach a high standard of safety and environmental protection; to favor sustainable development; to contribute to materialize the principles of efficiency and public sevice; and to facilitate productive and industrial activity in a respectful way with the environment.

Classification by incidence: The 20/2009 Act transposes the 2008/1/CE Directive. This european Directive abolished the former 96/61/CE, prevention pollution and control Directive -IPPC), and classifies all the economic activities in 3 annexes, based on its potential effects on the environment: Annex I (activities subjected to Environmental Authorisation procedure); Annex II (activities subjected to the Environmental License procedure) and Annex III (activities subjected to the Environmental Declaration). Today, the european Directive 2010/75/UE is deepening this regulatory framework and improving the environmental protection.
Environmentalk Authorisation : The Environmental Authorisation is the most complexe procedure to set up an economic activity in Catalonia. It includes those activities with a strong impact on the environment, such as refineries, power plants with a capacity of 50 MW or more; slaughterhouses; concrete plants; farms with more than 2.000 pigs; etc.
Environmental License : All the economic activities with a remarcable impact on the environment are subjected to this procedure. Examples of this kind of economic activities are power plants with a capacity smaller than 50 MW; steam generators with a production capacity higher than 4.000 kg per hour; forging processes; stamping processes and sintering processes. We can also find economic activities such as golf courses; car repair garages with body or painting operations; petrol stations; hospitals and car wash services.
Environmental Declaration: According to this procedure, the entepreneur or businessman communicates to the public administration the begining of their economic activity. Enginytech prepares all the technical and administrative documentation which configures the Declaration document. Once the Declaration has been presented, the entepreneur can begin their activity. The economic activities subjected to Environmental Declaration are geriatric centres, veterinary centres, hotels with less than 400 clients, etc.
Innocuous activities:The innocuous activities are all those economic activities not included in the 20/2009 Act, but subjected to sectorial acts, such as safety and fire prevention acts, accessibility for disabled people acts and noise prevention acts. For this kind of economic activities, such as small commercial premises, it is necessary to check the fulfillment of these rules, and to justify its compliance.