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Safety and health at work Home

Safety at work: it is the technical procedure that aims either to stamp out or lessen accidents at work. Therefore, the first step is to identify all the possible existing risks. The next action will be assesing and measuring those risks through standarized technics and using the following variables: consequences, risk exposure and probability. In the last phase, it is necessary to apply controls and make corrections so as the risk does not turn into a work accident.
Industrial Hygiene: the industrial hygiene aims to prevent professional sickness and other patologies which have its roots at the work site. The industrial hygiene identifies, asseses and controls the environmental factors which may affect the worker's health. The final goal of the industrial hygiene is the technical prevention of professional sickness. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to identify the agresive environments at the work site, to implement efficient actions to protect all the exposed workers and to educate the directive staff and all the workers.
Ergonomy and applied psicology and sociology at work: The ergonomy is the science which aims to adapt the work site to the person's needs, through the proper design and the conception of the working site. The applied psicology and sociology at work aim to protect the worker from the psicological and social pressures at work.