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Tobacco Law

On January 1, 2006, the new tobacco law came into force, which requires bars and restaurants to have smoking areas according to their capacity. Enginytech Engineering advises you in all aspects so that you can adapt your premises to the new anti-tobacco law. If you want to adapt your bar or restaurant by enabling smoking areas, or if you have any questions about it, contact us. Our engineers will find the best solution for your location. Also, if you are thinking of opening a new establishment, our engineering will advise you on all those aspects that concern you, and if you wish, it will process the technical documentation necessary to obtain your municipal activity license.

Consulting for entrepreneurs

If you are thinking of buying or renting a place for your business, our consulting service will advise you on the best location. Our technicians will check the situation of the premises in relation to the urban planning in question, and will indicate the possibilities of your business. Before deciding to buy a local in a certain location, ask our technicians if the activity you want to carry out is really allowed by municipal planning. A timely consultation can save you headaches.

Expert reports

If you need a technical opinion regarding discomfort caused by the noise of an activity, by inadequate or annoying smoke emissions, our engineers will carry out an expert report with full guarantee. If you need an accurate technical assessment, a sonometric study or an expert report on any technical aspect, Enginytech Engineering is the solution. Our technical office will send a technician to take the necessary measurements, and will advise you on issues of installations, smoke outlets, dimensions of garage spaces, cracks and cracks in homes, damage assessment, etc.


Our engineers have extensive experience in processing all types of licenses and permits (building permits, licenses, environmental permits, requirements, etc.). If you want to open your own business, Enginytech Engineering will carry out the technical report or the corresponding project, and will guide you through the entire processing process. And if you do not have time to make the pertinent queries to the Administrations, you can request our comprehensive service that includes the processing of your activity. Our engineers will take care of the entire process with the utmost care.

Technical inquiries

If you are concerned about any aspect related to the facilities of your home, if you want to make renovation of an installation or if you are thinking of buying a home or commercial premises in a certain place, Enginytech Engineering will contact a technician who will advise you professionally. If you want to open a business premises and do not know how to start, do not hesitate and contact us. Our engineers have extensive experience in legalizing installations and opening commercial and industrial premises, and they are well acquainted with current legislation. Our services are tailored to customer needs, always seeking personalized and attentive attention.