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How to set up a store Home

To set up a store, the first step we make is to chek that the location you like fulfills the requirements of the Urban Plan of the city. Our engineers make all the necessary inquiries, and chek for urban hurdles. In other words, our engineers make the urban compatibility study, so that you get as much urban planning information as possible and you can decide.

Once you have decided the best location for the store, our engineers will design the premises:

The outdoor units of the conditioned air system must be installed so that they do not cause either noise or annoyances to neighbors. In this sense, the outdoor units must not be installed in the courtyard, since it is not possible to isolate them properly, and they will easily cause noise. On the other hand, if the outdoor units of the conditioned air system are installed on the frontage of the building, we have to set them 2 metres above the pavement, linig them up along the frontage, so that they do not jut from the façade.

The electrical installation has to be designed to fulfill your requirements. The kind of lighting of your shop is very important, because it can become a good instrument to attract new customers, and it can improve the quality of the whole space. Our engineers will design your lighting system and will advice you on what kind of lighting fits best your premises.

Enginytech install the best coating materials on floor, walls and ceiling. These materials improve the quality of the shop, and, at the same time, they passively protect your premises against fire. Before install the coating materials we require quality certificates from our dealers.

Lastly, our engineers may design the web site of your shop, which can include an exclusive e-commerce. Our engineers use the best programming software. If you want, we may also promote your web site, helping you to raise your search engine rankings and increasing your sales.