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Environmental projects

Environmental Communication

Environmental Communication is the permit that many municipalities require to enable the opening of small offices, an office or a small business. If you want to open a small store or need a professional office to serve your clients, Environmental Communication will most likely be the procedure to follow. Enginytech Engineering is in charge of carrying out the Environmental Communication for its activity, making a valued report and the necessary sketches or plans that will be required by the Administration.

Municipal Environmental Permit

The Law of Comprehensive Intervention of the Environmental Administration (LIIAA) establishes what is the procedure to obtain the municipal permit for its activity. If you want to open your restaurant, bar or cafeteria, or if you want to carry out a small industrial activity or open a medium-sized commercial establishment to the public, you must obtain the Municipal Environmental Permit. Enginytech Engineering carries out the basic project and the necessary plans (site plan, plan plan and elevation plan) of your activity so that you can obtain the Environmental Permit for your activity.

Environmental License and Authorization

The Environmental License and Authorization are the procedures established by the LIIAA for the opening of medium and large size industries, some workshops and activities that may affect the environment. Our technical office has extensive experience in processing licenses of this type through well-executed projects that comply with current sector regulations. Our engineering performs the complete technical report and is in charge of drawing the corresponding plans to legalize your industry or workshop.

Environmental evaluation

The Environmental Assessment is the procedure established by the LIIAA to adapt its business to the current regulations on activities. If your business has an old license, obtained a long time ago, Enginytech Engineering can process its adaptation to current regulations.